Mission Statement

“The First Congregational Church Art Committee was established in 1949. Our mission is to provide the church body with guidance and direction regarding the appearance of the church building, its equipment and adornments. The Committee will review all matters pertaining to endowment gifts, financial and or physical, that may affect the aesthetics of the building. They shall be reviewed with regard to artistic quality, function, appropriate placement and historic relevance. Careful consideration will be given to both spiritual and historic importance. Our primary objective is the preservation of the architectural and design integrity of our magnificent structure, to the glory of God, the benefit of our church family and the community we seek to serve.”

FCC Constitution


  • Deborah Anderson (Textile Artist)
  • Allen Baker (Interior Design)
  • Richard Sayre (Historian, FCC Archivist)
  • Rupert (Twink) Starr (Realtor®, retired)
  • Gleva Stephens (Retired)
  • Becky Taft (Watercolor Artist)
  • Al Waddell (Realtor®)
  • Dr. Sandra Mathias: Music, Arts & Heritage Commissioner
  • Melissa Kulwicki: Music, Arts & Heritage Commission-Elect
  • Minister of Music – Josh Stafford


  • Margret (Peggy) Alexander (Art History Library OSU, Painter; deceased 2020)
  • Allan Wingfield (Interior Designer; deceased 2007)
  • Ralph Fanning (Art & Architecture Historian OSU, Painter; deceased 1971)
  • Anne Hudson – Immediate Past Chair 2020

Names of many other previous members are added as research reveals their names


The Art Committee would like to acknowledge the following for their generous contribution in making this site possible:

  • Deborah Anderson
  • Allen Baker & Al Waddell
  • Joe Bellissimo & Kevin Jones
  • Rev. Earl and Pauline Fritz
  • Sarah Giffen
  • Richard (Ric) Sayre
  • Drew Wade